Talking Construction Carbons

Social Media is increasingly the most powerful and effective way of learning, sharing and connecting with others, and with those who are also passionate and committed to reducing carbons in the construction industry.

ConstructCO2 has a healthy presence on social media that enables you to keep up to date with construction carbon, construction sustainability and related topics.

We are on twitter @constructco2 and publish a daily feed of construction sustainability news.

We have a public LinkedIn group discussing construction carbons, and an invite only group for discussing constructco2 topics.

If you are on twitter just follow us and say hi. If you have a LinkedIn account please connect with Martin Brown, Vassos Chrysostomou, David Johnson and Michael Gandee

Constructco2 articles also regularly appear on leading industry, green, sustainability and CSR sites and blogs. Links to these are shared on twitter and LinkedIn, and now through our constructco2 email service to users.

If you have news or blog posts you wish to share and have us promote please do get in touch.

And, if you are not using social media or require assistance on using twitter or LinkedIn please get in touch by emailing, or and we can help you get up and running with our tutorials.

ConstructCO2 were runners up in the 2011 Be2Awards, the first social media awards for the built environment.

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