Carbon CO2 Emissions

Carbon CO2 emissions are an accepted measure to track our performance towards Global reductions in Carbon levels/

The construction industry in Oceania accounts for a major percentage of carbon emissions. Minimising CO2 emissions arising from construction activities represents a key area for the industry and a major contributor in meeting regional targets.

To Manage you must Measure - ConstructCO2 is important in providing simple, practical and systematic approach to measuring project carbon emissions that enables Project Teams to re-engineer their design, procurement, logistics and construction processes to minimise their footprint.

Specifically, ConstructCo2 aims at reducing the carbon emission of the industry by measuring, mapping, and managing the carbon performance of all construction activities. It answers the questions such as: what is the actual carbon emission of the construction activities on your project? What is the share of each construction activity to the emission? How carbon emission can be reduced through re-engineering their design, procurement, logistics and project planning?

ISO 14001 - Carbon emissions that arise at project level through travel of management, operatives, materials and waste, along with the fuel used on site for plant and power are often the number one environmental impact and action item for those committed to an ISO 14001 environmental management

Benefits: Clients, contractors and suppliers using ConstructCO2 are identifying quick win actions that reduce carbon, and generate potential savings through travel arrangements and material/supplier procurement, both on the project in question and on future projects.

Finally, on the 1st of July 2012 the Australian Federal Government introduced a carbon price of $23 per tonne of emitted CO2 on selected fossil fuels consumed by major industrial emitters and this Tax will affect organisations that are large energy users, including clients and contractors. In 2015, the Government proposes to change to an emissions trading scheme linked to the European scheme.

Do you know how much it will cost you and do you want to add further costs to your projects? ConstructCO2 will enable you to proactively measure and understand your footprint to enable improvement and reduction of additional cost.

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